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Valine Ripes

Valine Ripes, M. ED.
Resident in counseling

I am a Resident in Counseling at Graceful Changes Psychotherapy. I graduated from George Mason University with a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Community Agency Counseling. I decided to become a counselor based on my own life experiences and how much counseling helped me. I aim to help clients find peace and process through challenges with a person-centered approach.
I also pull from other theoretical approaches to ensure that my clients feel heard, understood, and valued in the therapeutic space and in their lives. I offer a wide array of experiences working with different mental health populations and issues. As a woman of color, I aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and the BIPOC community. I currently specialize in resilience building, self-esteem, depression/anxiety, multicultural concerns, interpersonal relationships, eating disorders, and body image-related matters.
Therapy is a step towards better understanding yourself and finding ways to meet your goals with this new understanding. I would be honored to accompany my clients on their therapy journey, as it is a challenging but rewarding process.

Valine's fees:

Individual Session $100
Couples Session $120
Family Session $130
Weekend or off-hours Session $250
(All sessions are 50 minutes)

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